While dentists want to provide the best possible dental care to their patients, a visual examination can’t show critical problems you might be having. However, an oral examination is no longer the same as dental X-rays (radiographs) can accurately diagnose dental problems before they become more complicated. Typically, dental X-rays are images of teeth dentists use to evaluate oral health. Dental X-rays use low radiation levels to capture images of the interior of your teeth and gums.
What is the importance of Dental X-rays?
Dental X-rays enables the dentist to see what is between and inside your teeth. The dentist can detect even the slightest traces of oral health problems, like gum diseases and cavities. According to Dr. Azy, oral masses like abscesses and cysts are also diagnosed using this procedure. In some cases, the dental X-rays treatment procedure is carried out on children to evaluate their developing teeth.
Who is a Good Candidate for the dental X-ray procedure?
Even for patients with excellent dental health, dental X-rays suits them the best. At Boutique for Cosmetic Dentistry, we recommend this procedure to patients with any dental problems in identifying critical dental issues. Besides, children should also undergo this procedure to evaluate their teeth and jaw development. According to Dr. Esfandiari, before you undertake dental X-rays procedure, it’s suitable for the assigned dentist to verify you are fit for it.
What is the process of the Dental X-rays Procedure?
Dental X-ray treatment procedure is relatively simple and does not require too much preparation beforehand. Before the procedure, the dentist will first ensure that your teeth are thoroughly cleaned. Then he or she will place a lead apron on your body and neck to protect you from radiation exposure. The dentist might take several X-rays test, which includes bitewing X-ray to show crown portions of your teeth and early signs of decay. Besides, he or she will take panoramic X-rays outside the mouth to produce an image of the entire oral cavity. Then the dentist will recommend the best dental treatment procedure to curb the oral issue.
If you think you need the dental X-rays procedure, or you would like to enquire more about the procedure, feel free to contact our office and one of our staff will assist you.