<b>What are Fluoride Treatments?</b>
Fluoride can be found in a number of dental products. However, if you’re not getting enough of it, you might find that you simply are more prone to decay and other oral health problems. This is why we here at the Boutqiue for Cosmetic Dentistry will recommend coming in regularly to have these fluoride treatments done. This helps to protect and then strengthen your teeth so that they are less likely to become decayed.

<b>Why would someone need Fluoride Treatment?</b>
The reason a person would need fluoride treatments is because they’re not using products at home containing this ingredient. You might simply be looking for a way to get your teeth to be more protected. If you have issues with sensitivity, we might recommend fluoride as a way to combat this particular problem. There are many benefits and uses for these fluoride treatments.

<b>What makes someone a candidate for Fluoride Treatment?</b>
The best way for Dr. Azy to determine if you’d benefit from fluoride is with an exam. The doctor will examine your teeth to see if and when fluoride is the best choice for you. Most children, teens and adults can benefit from these treatments. You can request them at virtually any time while in our office.

<b>What happens during the Fluoride Treatment process?</b>
If you think fluoride is right for you, we recommend coming into the office so that we can get you ready for treatment. Dr. Azy will first brush a fluoride liquid over your teeth and then instruct you on what to do after leaving the office. It is important to note that you will need to avoid eating and drinking for about an hour following treatment. This allows the fluoride enough time to get into the tooth so that it is able to provide the full protection that you need in order to have a full and healthy smile for life.

If you think you would benefit from fluoride, call the office today and we’ll get you in for a convenient consultation appointment.