<b>What is a Root Planing and Scaling?</b>
If you have gum disease, we’ll recommend that you come in for treatment as soon as possible. This will help to prevent the disease from getting worse, which will be a major issue because it can cause tooth loss. In the office, we’ll perform a deep dental cleaning that is known as a root planing and scaling. This procedure involves removing dirt from above and then slightly below the actual gum line.

<b>Why would a Root Planing and Scaling be needed?</b>
The main reason for any of our patients here at the Boutqiue for Cosmetic Dentistry would need a root planing and scaling is because they have gum disease. Gum disease can occur for a number of reasons. In order to improve your appearance and oral health, the disease has to be treated regularly. There is no cure for gum disease, but there are many ways for us to treat it in our office.

<b>What makes someone a candidate for a Root Planing and Scaling?</b>
The best way for us to determine if you need this treatment is with a full exam. The exam is performed by both our hygienist and Dr. Azy. We are looking for gums that have separated from the teeth, causing pocketing to form. You should consider this treatment if it’s found that you do have gum disease.

<b>What happens during a Root Planing and Scaling?</b>
The root planing and scaling procedure always begins with an anesthetic. This is used to help numb your gums so that they are more comfortable during treatment. Our hygienist then works to clear away plaque and debris from both above and then below the actual gum line. Once this is finished, the gums are rinsed with a special medicated solution. You should come in regularly to have these types of cleanings done, since they’re critical when it comes to preserving your healthy teeth.

If you would like to inquire more about gum disease treatment, call the office now to speak with a helpful team member.