<b>What is a Sealant?</b>
Sealants can help to protect your teeth from subsequent decay. If you have cavities currently or are more prone to developing them, we might recommend these clear protective coatings. Sealants are placed easily at the Boutqiue for Cosmetic Dentistry so that you can have a healthy smile for life. They are invisible, so no one will even know they’re on your teeth.

<b>Why would someone need Sealants?</b>
The very backs of your teeth are typically more prone to developing decay. Unfortunately, this is a major issue for people who just want full and healthy smiles. In this case, we might recommend that you have clear sealants applied to the chewing surfaces only. Kids can even benefit from sealants if they don’t have the best brushing and flossing habits.

<b>What makes a person a candidate for Sealants?</b>
Dr. Azy will thoroughly evaluate all of your teeth to see if sealants are right for you. Your back teeth should be free of decay before the sealants are applied. If you have a cavity, it will need to be treated prior to having the sealants placed. Most people who need and even want sealants can benefit from treatment.

<b>What happens during the Sealant procedure?</b>
Treatment is very quick and takes just minutes in our office here at the Boutqiue for Cosmetic Dentistry. You will come in and have the back teeth cleaned and completely dried. We then work to place the sealants as they are needed. The sealants are cured with a special light in the office and you’ll be ready to go about your day. Most of our patients have found that their sealants can last for about a year or two before the material naturally begins to wear away. It is entirely up to you if you would like to reapply the sealants once they wear away and if you’re still in need of this type of protection.

If you think you might benefit from having sealants placed, call the office today and our helpful team members can assist you.