<b>What is Sleep Apnea Treatment?</b>
Sleep apnea affects millions of people worldwide. It is a very common sleep-related disorder that affects how a person is able to breathe at night. Unfortunately, the condition can get worse over time and cause other medical issues. This is why we here at the Boutqiue for Cosmetic Dentistry will recommend coming in for treatment.

<b>Why would Sleep Apnea Treatment be needed?</b>
Treatment is needed because the sleep apnea that you have can and will get worse over time. Likewise, you might find that the symptoms you’re dealing with right now are becoming quite disruptive to your everyday life. You might be too tired to go into work or spend time with the family. You might be struggling to try to get through life feeling so tired.

<b>What makes someone a candidate for Sleep Apnea Treatment?</b>
Dr. Azy will review all medical and health history that you present to our office. We then look at your mouth and throat to decipher if treatment is needed. The type of treatment we use in the office is best for individuals who have more milder symptoms. If you have severe apnea, we advise talking with your doctor.

<b>What occurs during Sleep Apnea Treatment?</b>
First, our team will take impressions of your entire mouth. These impressions are sent over to a lab where a new oral appliance is made for you. The appliance is worn like a night guard, and it works to bring the lower jaw forward. This helps to open the airway so that you can breathe better while you are sleeping at night. Once you begin to wear this device, you will see a significant difference in the way that you both feel and sleep. It is important that the appliance be replaced as it shows signs of wear and damage, since it will need to be continually worn to work.

If you would like to come into the office for sleep apnea treatment, call us today and we can help to get you in for an appointment.