If your teeth are severely yellowed, you might be looking for some way to lighten them and improve their overall appearance. Thankfully, we offer several different options that can help you to feel confident in your appearance. Knowing which choice is right for you can make a world of difference for your self-esteem. You can get help choosing the right type of whitening treatment by coming into the Boutqiue for Cosmetic Dentistry for a full consultation.

<b>What is Whitening?</b>
Whitening involves using a patented system to help lighten teeth and remove many stains and discoloration. There are many different things that can cause your teeth to become yellow and stained. If you’re a smoker or like to drink coffee, you may find that your teeth become quite discolored and stained over time. Likewise, if you drink a lot of cola or have other staining foods and beverages, you may benefit from this type of treatment. It’s not uncommon for someone to want to undergo treatment before a big event, like a wedding.

<b>In-Office Whitening</b>
In-office whitening will involve placing a gel over the teeth and then using a bright light to accelerate the results. This process takes roughly 60 minutes in the office. The great thing about this particular option is that you don’t have to worry about using trays or gels at home. The treatment is quick and takes just one hour before you see drastic results. You can then maintain your results at home by using other whitening products or toothpaste.

<b>Take-Home Whitening</b>
Whitening that you do at home can be customized to your needs. This will involve taking impressions of your teeth and then using these molds to make trays that you can wear. The trays are worn at home in conjunction with a whitening paste or gel that we will provide to you. You then wear these trays for a specific amount of time at home, which can help to lift stains and deep discoloration from your teeth. You will find that this process is easier and quicker, especially if you want to be able to do all of the whitening at home without needing to come into the office. This is even a great way to maintain your results after your in-office whitening.

If you feel that whitening is right for you, contact us today so that we can help you.

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