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All-on-4 dental implants are the permanent options to replacing a full arch of teeth. In addition to instantly restoring your smile, the implants are fixed into place, and they function, look, and feel the same as your real teeth.

Our All-on-4 Process:

1. Consultation: To start the journey to a full-mouth restoration, a comprehensive examination and consultation is performed with the patient. This will include a detailed review of the patient's dental health and past medical history, as well as x-rays, digital 3D scans, and a thorough physical examination of the mouth.

2. Planning: Your treatment is being planned, your smile is being designed and the surgical guides are fabricated. We have a variety of in-house technology to ensure that your new smile aligns with your facial aesthetics. We design organic and natural smiles utilizing a library of beautiful natural teeth - not lab designed teeth.

3. The Surgical Procedure: You are fully asleep (general anesthesia). Your teeth are removed and your new implants are placed. While asleep, we digitally record and scan your implant positions.

4. Temporary is delivered: Our lab then mills a beautiful fixed, temporary bridge, provided to you within a few hours. This bridge is screwed onto your implants. It provides immediate beautiful esthetics and function.You wear this provisional bridge for the next 3-6 months while your bone fully bonds to your titanium implants (osseointegration). After this period, your dentist delivers the final bridge you will wear for the rest of your life.

5. Final Prosthesis: It is most ideal to wait several months after your implant surgery to allow your gums and your bone to remodel after extractions and implant placement. Typically the height of your gum shrinks somewhat in the first 6-8 weeks. By obtaining new records after this waiting period, your new set of teeth are custom fabricated to fit most ideally to your gums.  This facilitates optimal speech, esthetics, and cleansability.  

No More Glues or adhesives

With implants, you can ditch the denture adhesive forever! No wiggling, no movement, no slippage.

Permanent Teeth Solution

There will be no need to take your teeth out with the Zirconia Bridge. You can now speak or laugh with confidence.

Eat All You Want

The denture implants give the stability you need to chew all types of food.

If you have a secure bite, you can eat all the foods you like; It can be corn on the cob, an apple, nuts, a steak, etc.

Also, as your new fixed denture is palate-less, you will be able to taste the flavor and feel the temperature of your food. It is like having your real teeth again!

Get The Smile Of Your Dreams

We can design your new smile, like the one you have always dreamed of. We can pick the size, shape, height, and color and finish of your new teeth.

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