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Although our dentists in Sandy Springs, GA take a conservative approach to treatment planning, dental crowns and bridges are sometimes needed to return the oral cavity to full health.

About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns cover the entirety of the tooth surface and restore the tooth’s function. Crowns are necessary when the tooth is affected by a large area of decay, has had previous root canal therapy treatment, or has suffered a large crack or break. Through our partnership with a local dental lab (located in Alpharetta, GA), we are able to provide 100% custom restorations for our patients.

Why are Dental Crowns needed?

Crowns can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. They can be placed over virtually any and every tooth in the mouth. Some of the reasons you’ll need a crown include:

  • A tooth has broken or cracked
  • A tooth has a large filling
  • You’ve recently had a root canal
  • You have severe sensitivity issues
  • You have an older crown that needs replacement

Who is a good candidate for Dental Crowns?

Our team will examine your teeth to determine if a crown is necessary. If it’s found that you do need a crown, it is best to have the work done right away to prevent further damage to the tooth. If you have an older crown that needs to be replaced, we can do this easily in our Sandy Springs dental office at your own convenience. Crowns can be placed over virtually any tooth within the mouth in need of restoration.

What happens during the Dental Crown procedure?

The first step is to numb the area of the mouth that needs the crown. The doctor will administer a local anesthetic to make the appointment more comfortable for you. The tooth is then filed down appropriately so that there is enough room for the restoration. We take impressions and use these to make the new crown. You will come in for a second appointment so that the final crown can be placed. You can expect the restoration to last for many years while providing you with a full and healthy-looking smile.

If you think you might need a dental crown, and want to come in for the procedure, call Boutique for Cosmetic Dentistry in Sandy Springs, GA and we can help schedule you with an appointment.

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