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Impressions are required before moving forward with most dental treatments. A replica of the teeth’s current status is necessary before beginning Invisalign®️ (clear braces), crown or veneer treatment, and implant restoration placement. We’re committed to providing the best dental experience for patients seeking treatment in the metro Atlanta area, which includes getting rid of liquid impressions whenever possible!

No More Liquid Impressions

In the past, impressions were obtained through the use of a liquid material loaded into a metal tray and placed in the mouth, which had to “set” or harden in the mouth before being removed. These impressions were often uncomfortable for the patient, and frequently inaccurate.

The Itero™️ digital impression system provides comfort and ease for the patient and the clinician while obtaining preliminary impressions. In addition to providing a more comfortable experience to the patient, the digital impression software allows our dentists in Sandy Springs and our staff to simulate or model exactly how new restorations or orthodontic changes will appear in your mouth.

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