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Have white spots on your teeth?

White spots on teeth can be a major issue, especially if they are in an esthetic area. These white spots can be developmental, they can occur after orthodontic treatment, from decay, or as a result of teeth affected by fluorosis. In the past, the only way to treat them was by drilling them out, and filling them with a composite material, or masking them with a porcelain crown or porcelain veneer.

Now, with the new resin infiltration system, we are able to remove these white spot lesions in one simple, painless treatment that doesn’t require drilling! This treatment even works for patients with fluorosis!

The system we use for this in our Sandy Springs  location is called ICON Resin Infiltration Treatment.

Benefits of infiltration resin

Minimally invasive. Using infiltration resin allows you to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. There is no need to drill, and compared to fillings, veneers, or enamel microabrasion, the tooth structure lost is negligible.

Good aesthetics. Enamel lesions lose their whitish appearance when their microporosities are filled with the resin and look similar to sound enamel.

No anesthesia required. Another widely appreciated attribute of infiltration resin is that the treatment is painless and has little need for anesthesia. Following an infiltration resin procedure, patients have no recovery time, you can immediately return to your normal routines. To make the procedure even safer and less invasive, the dentist would place a rubber dam around the gums to act as a protective layer from the acid.

Alternative to micro-abrasion. Microabrasion is a procedure also used to treat fluorosis/white spot lesions, but ICON infiltration resin is less invasive and often can achieve a better result.

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