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Teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure that removes stains from the teeth. Whitening can be achieved through teeth polishing or teeth bleaching. Teeth polishing is completed by our hygienist at the end of your cleaning and removes stains that have attached to the tooth’s outer surface. However, if stains have become incorporated into the tooth, teeth bleaching using a peroxide-based gel is necessary to remove or lighten these stains. We recommend that you have had a dental cleaning in the last 6 months prior to your whitening treatment for the best results.

Teeth Whitening Methods

There are two main ways to achieve a whiter smile at the Boutique: in-office whitening and take-home whitening kits. Our in-office treatments provide safe and quick whitening results. The GLO™️ in-office system creates maximum results (in less than 1 hour!) with minimal side effects. Take-home kits provide a more gradual transformation, while maintaining the same minimal side effects. For faster results, we recommend doing the in-office whitening treatment and the take-home kit to maintain your whitening after the treatment.

About the Boutique's GLO™️ Whitening Treatment

The GLO™️ system is one of the best teeth whitening treatments. GLO™️ is a sensitivity-free hydrogen peroxide formula. At the Boutique, our patients love this system as it provides little to no sensitivity unlike some other teeth whitening systems. The GLO Brilliant™ Teeth Whitening Device is a convenient system that reinvents the experience of teeth whitening. Using patented G.L.O. (Guided Light Optic) technology, it combines professional elements of heat and light built into a one of a kind – closed system mouthpiece that accelerates the whitening process, preventing the whitening oxygen from escaping the tooth surface, bombarding the stains and making the whitening process more effective and more efficient.

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